A review by The Record Stache.

by blckshprecords

”Bike Warrior is somebody that needs to be on your radar. Through Buenos Aires, Argentina label, Blckshp Records, Bike Warrior is releasing some awesome music. Whatever Nevermind, the first single off of Bike Warrior’s upcoming album, is a great introduction to the musician’s work. Loaded with heavy synths and some light, hypnotic lyrics, Whatever Nevermind is one strong piece of electro pop. Along with the single, Bike Warrior has put together a fantastic mixtape that’s packed with a ton of phenomenal talents who specialize in electronic music. You’ll definitely find yourself dancing along with Bike Warrior’s mix. I can’t wait to hear what else Bike Warrior has in store for us. Both, Whatever Nevermind and the mixtape are free to download. I would definitely take advantage of this, if I were you.”